Friday, December 21, 2007

Mer-ry Christmas!!

Hi everyone! So I'm heading out to Houston tomorrow for the holidays. I'm looking forward to seeing family, friends, and showing Sheridan my hometown (The Livable Forest...)! He's flying into Hobby Airport, which is the GHETTO, so I hope it doesn't scare him! hahaha

I could bring the Baci ball, but he's just too darn big!! I purposely bought a "purse dog" so that I could travel with him, but it turns out the stupid breeders mated the Maltese with a Standard Poodle (instead of the Toy Poodle), so my giant 18 lb puppy won't fit under the seat, as planned. He'll be in good hands, though, with Prasad (my old roommate, at our old apartment) and Rose, who's house/dogsitting for 6 days! Much thanks to you two, P and M, for taking care of my baby. I know he'll be in great hands!!

Meanwhile, I'm off work until the 2nd of January, so postings could be sporadic. So to all the rest of my friends and family scattered all over the place, I miss you lots and love you tons. Thank you for all your love and support throughout this crazy year - all your friendship means so much to me. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas holiday and a safe, fun New Year's celebration. May 2008 be our best year EVER!

Love, Mer

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