Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rant: Loud Flip Flops in the Office

Perhaps I’m just really hormonal today, but I have this colleague that insists on wearing rubber flip flops to the office, and it's really annoying me.

A) Flip flops are not appropriate in an office setting, particularly in ours, where we don’t wear jeans except on Fridays; it’s truly Business Casual (not Casual Casual)

B) This particular woman is overweight, so she walks really hard on her feet, which makes the flopping of the flips extremely LOUD.

You can hear these darn flip flops coming from WAAAAY down the hall and it just drives me crazy!! I even heard our Director of HR mention to her that perhaps flip flops aren’t the most appropriate attire for the workplace, but this woman insists that she has bad ankles and really needs to wear them, since all of her other shoes have heels. (Why does a woman with bad ankles buy primarily heels?)

The really frustrating part? In California, flip flops are pretty much worn year round, so this could pretty much continue indefinitely.

Add it to the list of reasons why I need to find a new job!! Those darn loud flip flops are DRIVING ME CRAZY!


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