Thursday, July 17, 2008

Katherine Heigl

What is with this chick, Katherine Heigl? She is such a pain in the neck!!

First, she went and lambasted the very movie that made her a movie star – Knocked Up – dismissing it as sexist, complaining that it makes women appear humorless and uptight (did she read the script before she made the movie?), and now she’s at it again! Upset that she didn’t get good enough material on Grey’s Anatomy (to her liking), she withdrew her name from Emmy contention for her role and made a big stink about it. What an ungrateful shrew!! She was certainly vocally obnoxious when Isaiah Washington dropped his homophobic slur of her castmate “George” (I don’t know his real name), and I can support her defense of her friend, but the way she handled it was certainly tactless. I guess that was foreshadowing…

When is someone in Hollywood going to call out this person on her lack of tact and appreciation for the very shows/ movies that helped her become famous and marry her music star husband? There are rumors that the creators of Grey’s Anatomy are thinking of killing her off the show, and I sort of hope they do.

Well, there you go. Now I can’t name my daughter Katherine… Another female name bites the dust!


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