Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 4 Month Birthday!

We celebrated P Diddy's 4 month birthday on May 21st. How cute is he in his snazzy new outfit from Carl and Lori? (Carl is the guy that introduced Sheridan and me a couple of years ago, I call him our Cupid!) When visiting the doctor for his 4 month checkup last week, Patrick weighed 14 lbs, 9 oz and is now 25 inches long. And he's gone through a growth spurt since then, so I have no doubt that he weighs over 15 pounds now. The little guy sure is growing fast!!!

In other news, Patrick turned over for the first time a couple of days ago, but hasn't done it since that first time. We'll keep working on it! Meanwhile, he sure loves watching TV these days, particularly his Baby Einstein videos that we borrowed from Mr. Finn in Houston. Sometimes when we're trying to feed Patrick in the living room with the TV on, we have a hard time getting him to concentrate on eating because he turns his head and wants to see what's on the tube! I hope we're not creating a big couch potato...

P has also decided that pooping in the bathtub feels reeeeeeeeeeally good. No bueno! But I do have to admit it's pretty funny... Otherwise, he's been a really good boy and has been really great as we go out and about and take him to people's houses, out running errands, and house shopping. I'm so in love with the kid and never could have imagined I could feel this way about a little boy. :)

We might have some exciting news about our house search soon, so please stay tuned. I'll keep everyone posted!

Love, Mer

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