Friday, October 30, 2009


Well, I've never been THAT into Halloween, but now that I'm a mommy, I guess I need to start getting into the spirit. :) Obviously, this year, we're not going to be taking Patrick trick or treating or anything like that... He wouldn't get it and we certainly don't want to present him with candy right now. We've found that lately, when he's interested in something and we take it away, he cries, which breaks mommy's heart. So we're just avoiding the candy thing until he's ready to eat it!

Meanwhile, Patrick's "school" had a little Halloween party yesterday, so we put the little guy in a simple costume and sent him off to celebrate with his little buddies. We took these photos of him in his costume (check out the last one - he's showing his new chompers). That's a cute kid, if I do say so!!

Sheridan and I are supposed to attend a Halloween party tomorrow night, but given that I'm laid up on the couch today with a stupid cold, we'll see if we actually make it. I was planning to recycle a costume from a couple of years ago, but I'd DIE to wear one of these!!!! See below:

Can you imagine? That would be such a riot - wearing this wig, rotten behavior would be part of the persona... It could be hilarious!

Can't wait to see pics of all your little ones in their costumes - email photos and post on Facebook, por favor!

Love, Mer

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