Thursday, October 29, 2009

Visiting the Darbys

We were recently in Houston and dropped by the Darbys' house to meet the brand new Griffin and see Finn, Shannon and Petri AS WELL AS see Gina, Caroline from London, Maria AND Philip (we gave and received lots of hugs). As you'll see, we had Baci with us, who behaved quite badly at their house; he ate one of Finn's Halloween toys - a pumpkin shaped ball - barked at the cat, and insisted on being in most of the photos taken. Stupid dog - just can't reason with him! haha

Anyway, I'm sure we'll have a million more chances to take pictures with our babies, but here's our first attempt. At least Shannon and I are looking at the camera!! hehehe

Love, Mer


Jenni said...

You girls are the pearls too! :)

Meredith said...

Thanks, mama!! Those pearls are my go-to piece of jewelry this fall... they're super versatile. And Shannon is a beautiful lady - I'm always flattered when people say we look like sisters! :)