Monday, October 26, 2009

STUPID *(^&^%$@ EASEL!

OK, so some of you might know this, but it might be news to others of you. After daydreaming for months about decorating my house, I have decided that I want very colorful, abstract, original artwork for my new house and am teaching myself to paint so that I can create it myself!

I plan to decorate our family room and dining room in mid-century modern/ eclectic/ eco-friendly styling. What does that mean? I can't explain it, but I have a picture of it in my head and it's super cool! I have been inspired by the mid-century modern chairs that were passed along to me by my late grandmother, and am soon recovering for our family room. They are cube-shaped club chairs (2 of them), with very straight lines, and I'm having them reupholstered in cream and white houndstooth fabric. I can't WAIT to get that project going!

But anyway, I want cool, abstract artwork for these rooms with lots of gorgeous colors... All the furniture will be chocolate and cream, so the accents (pillows, vases, flowers, artwork) will provide pops of color in the rooms. I have an idea in my head of what I want, but A) probably can't afford custom, original artwork and B) probably wouldn't be able to find it anyway... so I'm painting it myself!

My mother in law is a very talented artist - she has painted all the watercolor prints of animals in Patrick's nursery and bathroom, a few pictures for our guest suite, and the most GORGEOUS portrait of my crazy Maltipoo, Baci. I'm so honored that she took the time to paint this fabulous future heirloom for our family. Words really can't describe how cute this portrait is, so here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Anyway, I continue to digress. Back on point - MIL took me to Hobby Lobby to show me what supplies I need, how to use the brushes, and given me tips on how to achieve what I'm hoping to do. I have been messing around with some practice canvases, brushes, colors, etc. and have an idea of what I want to do now. I started the big painting for my dining room (36"x 48", I'm not messing around!) and it's coming along nicely. I'll post pictures of my handiwork when it's done. :)

Meanwhile, I bought a painting easel at Hobby Lobby, and this STUPID easel did not come with directions! I'm usually pretty handy with assembling things, but I tinkered and tinkered with this thing for about 40 minutes until I finally had to consult the hubby, and then the internet. I found one single blog post of another woman who also had the same problem with this easel (Hobby Lobby Fine Art Traditional Easel - A13114) and it saved the day. (Thank you Dixie Belle: I thought I'd pass along the same advice just in case any other individuals needing help with directions aren't able to find the Confessions of a Bargain Hunter blog.

OK, the secret to this stupid *$@&^& easel is that the two pieces that form the shelf are meant to be on opposite sides of the stand; the long screw with the loop attaches both pieces together and the tension from this screw holds all of the pieces together. See pictures below:

Anyway, that's too much info for the average Mer Show reader, but for any of you that have found me by googling "how the *^%$##^& do you assemble the Hobby Lobby A13114 easel?", I hope that helps!!

For my regular readers, I hope you have a great week and thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts today.

Love, Mer


Jenni said...

Oh, Mer! I went through an ar-teest phase as well about 7 years ago and my folks bought me a ton of great stuff...including a complicated easel!! :) Honestly, I ended up getting a metal one that I could prop up on a table (hope my mom doesn't read this!). But I realize for a such a big project you will need to get that easel up and running. Good luck! Can't wait to see your stuff! (For the record, I suck)

Meredith said...

Thanks mama!! I'll definitely post pictures when I get my piece finished. I wanted to get one of those table easels - they look much easier to deal with! - but this one is actually big enough to handle a 36"x48" canvas. Oh yeah, this is a BIG painting!! :)

Brianna said...

Thank you!!!! I couldn't figure out how to assemble this stupid thing until I found your post!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks a bunch! The pictures really helped!

Ddd Ddd said...

Thanks for the pictures they really helped a lot. otherwise I would still be trying to put this thing together, the picture instructions that came with it are very poor, yours are great...

Christen Stretch said...

Battling same easel right now, lol, thanks for the post

Christen Stretch said...

Battling same easel right now, lol, thanks for the post