Monday, October 12, 2009

House Stuff

OK, peeps, it's just about go time! We're going to be closing on the house in about 6 weeks!! Wow! That means two things - packing and decorating are top priorities these days.

My friend Anna sent me pictures of her absolutely adorable house in Columbia, South Carolina and it was really inspiring. Per normal, Anna, your eye for design is super stylish yet comfortable, and totally YOU. It made me think - maybe if some of my friends sent me some pictures of some of the work you've done in your house, it'll inspire me with some new ideas for my house! So friends... help a sista out. Please send me photos of your beautiful homes or any projects that you've done that you're particularly proud of - I'd love to get some inspiration from friends and family!

And second, although I AM the queen of moving and packing, this move is a little bit more intimidating than the rest. I'm used to packing up apartments where only *I* lived - not organizing a move for 3 people and a high maintenance dog while keeping up with high energy baby. The last time I moved from a house, the Navy paid for the movers to come and do it for me - I didn't lift a finger (ahhh, that was NICE)! So in an effort to organize my thoughts and help out Mrs. Darby, who is planning a big ole move of her own, I'm going to list out my game plan, as it stands now. I have 6 weekends left before the big move, and 2 of those are shot because I'm heading to Houston this weekend and we have visitors from San Diego the first weekend in November. So that gives us 4 weekends left before the close date.

1st weekend:
*Gather boxes, newspaper, storage boxes for packing, store in garage
(Purchase flat boxes (small, medium, and large), heavy duty packing tape, tape dispenser at Home Depot - they sell awesome flat moving boxes that you assemble for pennies; banana boxes from the grocery store are free, heavy-duty, and have handy handles - I always use these to move)
*Clean out linen closets, junk drawers, file cabinets, bookshelves, pantry, etc. - get rid of stuff that needs to go and doesn't need to get moved
*Pack up serving platters, china, and stuff in kitchen that doesn't get used often as well as DVDs (cuz what new parent has time to watch movies?), store in garage
*Start lining up childcare for the day of the move
*Figure out what local mover we're going to use to pack the truck, drive it to the new house, and unload it (Sheridan and I have figured out that this is the most worthy money that could ever be spent!)
*Get all the stuff that Patrick's outgrown organized and put in storage boxes

OK, that's all I can muster for now. I'll try to get my gameplan up an running here pretty soon, but that's a good start, right?

Have a great week and please send me pics of your houses!!

Love, Mer


Shannon said...

Update with Darby move:
Collect 6 (that's all they had) banana boxes-check!
Cleaned out mugs/glasses/random cups and donated to Goodwill-check!
Called 3 companies to get quotes on moving-check!
Proud of Little Kwausie?

Meredith said...

SO PROUD, Lil Kwausie! Keep up the good work and keep the banana boxes coming - you'll be shocked at how quickly they fill up. You'll get to be good friends with the produce guy at your local store that way. :)