Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dear Patrick,

On this, your first birthday, I want the world to know how much I love you and how glad I am that you came into my life.  You sprang up - a bit of a surprise - and injected my life and your entire family's life with so much positive energy and joy.  I love taking care of you, laughing and playing with you, and watching you grow.  I've seen you learn to roll over, sit up, crawl, babble, play, eat with your hands, grow teeth, and now any minute, you're going to be walking!  What an incredible study you are!

Someday you're going to be able to talk to me and I can't wait to hear what thoughts on in that crazy little head of yours.  I bet it goes something like "oh wow, that is so cool over there - I need to go touch it RIGHT NOW" or "geez, I'm hungry again - that lady never feeds me enough" or "heh heh heh, I just pooped".  You're already hilarious!

We've had a tough year with the cooties - you had thrush, colic, acid reflux, Roseola, Hand Foot and Mouth, RSV, FIVE ear infections, and many runny noses.  Geez, kid - you really need to stop putting everything in your mouth!  But until then, you know that your Mommy will be there with Boogie Wipes, warm compresses, pain suppressants, cuddles, toys, and silly made-up songs about you to make you giggle.  I promise to do my best to make you feel better when you feel yucky.

You are a much-loved little boy - by your parents, your grandparents, all your aunts and uncles and our special friends. I can't wait to watch you succeed throughout your life - I just know you will!  I promise to do everything I can to help you grow up to be big and strong, intelligent, responsible, and a good person.  There might be times when you make mistakes or take the wrong fork in the road, but it's ok - just keep trying to be your best.  And don't forget - we'll always love you, no matter what!

Happy birthday and thank you for being my favorite kid in the whole, entire world!

Love, Your Mommy

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