Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scenes from the Mer Show Household This Week

I'm so pooped, I don't have much time and energy to write.  Therefore, I'll post pictures of what's been going on at our house this week.  Patrick is home VERY sick with RSV and 2 raging ear infections, so Sheridan and I are working out of the house, taking care of him.  All of us are completely worn out after playing, crying, soothing, doctoring, and not doing much of something else - SLEEPING!  We're sneaking in some fun times in between the yucky moments, and I've been capturing our week of togetherness in pictures, so I thought I'd share some with you all!

Love, Mer

p.s.  Big thanks goes out to Patrick, who napped long enough for me to create this posting.  Thanks, baby boy!  xoxoxo

OK, so I got up here, but now how do I get down?

Fun with a water bottle

Cry break!!

OK, feeling better.  What's this thing, Mommy?


OK, I'm over it... Hall out!

Almost down...

DID IT! (So proud of myself)

Pat in the box (alert - only his MOTHER is allowed to call him Pat; all others must call him Patrick!)

Boxes are fun!  (Check out that cowlick!)

Fun with Baci

Heh heh heh

OK, I'm over it.

Playing in the train tent

Learning to throw a ball

Bottle intervention!  He's almost a year old, he should be able to feed himself his own darn milk, right??  Wrong.  He refuses!!

He's thinking about it...

Oooh, ooooh, oooooh!!!  Is he gonna do it??

Not so enthralled...

HAHAHAHAHA, that was funny!  Who needs to hold their own bottle when Mommy will hold it for me??

He's already browsing through Daddy's liquor cabinet... Insert joke here.


Jenni said...

Soooooooooooo cute!!!

Meredith said...

Thanks, lady! It's been a bittersweet week - we've had a lot of fun together, but sick babies are very stressful!!! I'd say TGIalmostF, but it'll be more of the same this weekend. LOL Hope you're doing great!