Sunday, February 07, 2010

Here We Go!

It's Sunday afternoon and the dog is asleep, the baby is asleep, and the hubby's at the gym.  I'm preparing myself for a very big day tomorrow - first day at the new job!  If you know me, you'll know that I've started scores of new jobs in the last 10 years (Manpower Professional in Raleigh and San Diego, the hotel twice, The Art Institute, the horrendous, Blue Oasis twice (I didn't realize that I had worked at the same place twice so many times until now!), Fair Isaac, Affymetrix, Cisco, and working as a contractor for Dell.

However, starting this job is different - this is really my dream job!  I've been working my whole career to find a senior recruiting role with a company that I can be proud of being a part, and on a permanent basis so that I can stay a while, set down some roots, and really grow as a professional.  I have gotten close a couple of times, but this is finally it - I'm really excited!  PLUS, there's the brand new dimension of being a working mom for the first time... Yes, I've been "working" the last 6 months, but from home, doing sourcing, which I can do in my sleep and really didn't require a full 40 hours a week.  I've obtained my dream job and am becoming a REAL working mom for the first time.  I'm nervous - can I really do this?  I know I can kick ass at what I do professionally, but can I really do it with a baby on the brain (and someday, another one in my belly)?  I'm gonna have to dig really deep and DO IT!  Having a great husband and hands-on daddy will really help, but it's going to be an adjustment for him, too.  I know he'll be great, though!

So today I'm having a little pep rally in my head, preparing my paperwork, getting together my identification docs, making a list of things to ask tomorrow so that I can get up and running ASAP, and trying to figure out the PERFECT outfit that will make me feel confident, professional, pretty, and look great in the company directory for the next few years.   No pressure.

Wish me luck!  Love, Mer

p.s.  For my friends who email me regularly, Dell blocks Yahoo Mail, so I'll be able to check my personal email via my iPhone, but responses will probably be short, since it's hard to type novels on the phone...  If you need to reach me about a time-sensitive matter, call me por favor! xo

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Jenni said...

You'll knock their socks off, Mer!! Have fun!