Sunday, February 21, 2010

Restaurant Review - Juan In A Million, Austin, TX

Just got back from eating at Juan In A Million and felt inspired to write a review. We had some friends in town from California and tried to give them a full overview of what life is like in TX - took them to 6th Street, the Capital, The Oasis for sunset, Salt Lick; we even took them to the Alamo. And of course, sadly, they were able to check out the burning Echelon building on Thursday. We had seen the Man vs Food - Austin episode on The Travel Channel, and had always wanted to check out these famous tacos at JIAM, and decided to take our friends on the way to the airport.  This restaurant is on the east side of 35, in the barrio, so we don't exactly spend a lot of time in that part of Austin.  This is definitely a destination place, or a good spot to drop by on the way to the airport.  :)

The reason why this restaurant has become so famous is because they have a contest that if you eat 8 breakfast tacos (which are ENORMOUS), you get your picture on the Juan of Fame.  We stopped by to check it out and it looks like the last winner, who ate 7 of them, was a really tall, skinny Asian kid.  I don't know where he put it all!!  LOL  And Adam Richman, the Man vs Food guy - he was on there as the "celebrity winner", but didn't get anywhere near finishing 8 tacos.  And this dude can EAT.  Anyway...

Where else can one order chili con queso and fire-hot salsa and chips at breakfast? Texas, baby! (swoon) I accidentally ordered the "breakfast special" instead of the breakfast tacos and I really missed out - it was just hash browns, scrambled eggs and refried beans with tortillas.  BORRRRING. Hubby ordered the famous breakfast tacos made with flavorful potatoes, crispy bacon, and scrambled eggs, and topped with salsa and cheese on HOMEMADE tortillas, so I got to try them after all, and actually, the two of us dined on his one taco quite easily - they're huge! And soooo delicious. AND they only cost $3.50!

The only reason I'm not giving Juan In A Million 4 stars is because we ended up sitting near the bathroom and it smelled like a raw sewage plant was close by... I had to stuff my face with the super spicy salsa just to override the smell! It worked, but that is just uncool.

All in all, a super cool experience - great food, good service, and a fun environment. Just be sure to sit on the patio or in the main dining room - not in the alcove by the shitters. PU!
Love, Meredith

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