Friday, February 19, 2010

Tragedy in Austin

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, I’m sure you’re familiar with the fact that a nutjob flew his plane into an IRS building a few miles away from my house. It’s literally 10 minutes from my home and about 5 minutes from Sheridan’s office. Fortunately, none of us nor our friends, were affected by the tragedy. Sheridan, Troy, and Chastity drove past the madness on their way to Chuy’s (those jerks were drinking margaritas while I was slaving at work), but that’s about it. Thank God for that!
I would imagine that since this guy isn’t Middle Easter, people wouldn’t call him a terrorist, but I hope people realize that he is exactly that – a terrorist. Making his extremist views known by means of extreme violence… that’s terrorism. He was just a suicide bomber with an airplane, not a backpack, and a private plane versus a jumbo jet. What a jerk! Couldn’t he have just shot himself or something? Why did he have to kill innocent people? What an asshole!
This dummy cheated on his taxes and refused to pay his bill NUMEROUS times, yet is upset at the folks that held him to his responsibilities. I mean shoot – I’ve gotten behind on my bills before, so I understand the frustration, but to blame the creditor for our trespasses is just dumb. Ooooh, this guy just really makes me mad!!

Please pray for all the Austinites affected by this horrible tragedy.
Love, Mer


Binary Blonde said...

Totally agree! What a complete ASS. A few friends and I were talking about how lame it was that he did this, all because he felt "gipped" by the government. Well, join the club, buddy! Doesn't give you the right to take innocent lives because you're pissed off. GRRRRR.

My husband works less than a mile away, so I was fretting after I heard about the crash. Thankfully, he tweeted back before I freaked out enough to hop in the car and drive there myself!

Meredith said...

Thank God your hubby is ok - I would jumped in the car and headed over there, too!! We just drove past the building today, and I have a renewed sense of ire after seeing the damage firsthand.

What a JERK!!!