Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

Sorry I haven’t been very vocal lately!! I have a great reason, though – most of my extra time during the day is spent communicating with someone really special in my life. I used to use my free time to ponder life, vocalize random thoughts, share random news stories, and spread celebrity gossip. These days, life is very simple - I take care of myself and Baci, I work hard at a job I love, and I spend every other waking moment that I’m not busy talking to Sheridan. And starting soon, I’m going to be traveling quite a bit to see this very important person in my life! How fun is that?

What a year! I could go on and on about that, but anyone that reads this blog probably already knows my goings on. So many changes for me and practically everyone I know! There have been romantic and friendship breakups, new relationships and friendships formed, fires, illnesses, engagements, babies (Nicole's preggers again, everyone!), war deployments, layoffs, moves, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Let’s hope that 2008 brings a sense of stability and contentment to The Mer Show friends and family. I wish you all much success in life, love, and health! I know I’m definitely on the right track and hope that you all are too. A super special electronic hug goes out my girlfriend Shayne – 2008 is going to be your best year yet, my friend. Trust me!!

Anyway, I hope all is well. Love, Mer

p.s. Look at Keith’s new baby, Ian. Isn’t he perfect?

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