Thursday, November 15, 2007

Should I Enter?

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Because I might be the biggest fan of Chick Fil A EVER!!!!! All my Texas and NC peeps know this about me...

Anyone want to help me with my entry? I'm definitely going to tell CFA that I ate a 6 piece nuggets meal for lunch EVERY DAY in college (there was a Chick Fil A in the UT student union) and that when CFA came to San Diego, I ate it 4 times that week and announced the opening on The Mer Show!!! I think I might have a chance...

Ever since I did the master cleanse in May, I haven't been eating my beloved Chick Fil A nuggets (I have heard them equated with crack rock) as much, but I do think about them as lovingly as ever! In fact, I think I'm going to get some right now!! Gotta go!

Love, Mer

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suzieq524 said...

you better enter that!!