Monday, November 24, 2008

Am I Forgetting Something??

So since I've been pregnant, I have been a massive airhead. I've lost 3 pairs of sunglasses (including my rhinestone Diors, BOO HOOOO), almost misplaced my iPhone at the mall, forgotten hundreds of things, and I generally feel like I'm drunk or something. I don't know if I just have too much in my brain - still experiencing honeymoonitis, super excited about my baby boy, obsessed with baby gear and finding the perfect brand/style/color/size of everything, worried about getting laid off, crying over the Chargers season, celebrating the Longhorns season, prepping for the holidays, eyeballing 33, hosting/ attending parties, and getting Sheridan ready to move to Austin without me.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned yet that WE'RE MOVING TO AUSTIN??!!! Yep, it's true - I'm heading back to the home planet. (Pigs are flying somewhere... watch out!)

Sheridan's job at Apple is taking us to Austin - home of many memories for me and many more future memories for SherMerInc. Hubby's heading out shortly, and I'll be joining, along with Baci and Peanut, after Peanut's arrival in February. Our mothers will be coming out to Mer-sit me and make sure that if I go into labor, someone is there.... but I'm sure everything will go as planned, as it has been all along (knock on wood).

Sorry I forgot to announce that minor Mer Show moment... DUH! I'm a newly-minted airhead - please give me a break. :D

Love, Mer

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