Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Concert Review: Madonna

So Sunday night my awesome husband escorted me to one of the best nights EVER! I've been wanting to see Madonna in concert since I was like... 8! So, you know, 20 years! (I wish.)

When I heard that she was coming out with a new CD last year, and guessed that a concert tour was probably soon to follow, I made a promise to myself that I'd buy tickets and go. Last time I had the opportunity to see her, I couldn't get anyone to go see her with me; you imagine?! So I bought tickets like 6 months ago to see her at Oracle Arena in Oakland - the only venue in the Bay Area - long before I was pregnant... I had no idea I was going to waddle to this thing in a frumpy outfit (flats - the HORROR)! I know all the super fab gay boys dressed in couture from San Francisco were looking at my outfit thinking, "OMG, what is that fat girl wearingggg?"!

The stage was this fabulous contraption with tons of screens and pre-recorded segments with those people that performed on the album - Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Britney, Pharrell, and a few others. There were SCORES of trucks outside in the parking lot, and clearly this huge stage was the reason why - it was so technically advanced! The show started with the first track from her new album Hard Candy entitled Candy Store. I was wondering how she was going to perform these songs, since so much of her album has cameo solos from so many people, but the screens and pre-recorded bits made it seem like they were an organic part of the show!

In the middle of the concert, she did a grouping of songs in Latino style - sang La Isla Bonita, Senorita, and had some flamenco dancers perform, too; not my favorite segment, but it was definitely entertaining. I have to say, I was most amused when she went super hard house with her beats... She ended with Give It To Me, also from Hard Candy, which was Sheridan's fave. Lasers, black leather, super pulsing beats, incredible dancing... OMG, it was amazing!!! And then it was over.. I wanted MORE MORE MORE!!!!!

I think my favorite song was She's Not Me - about a former best friend who tried to snake her man - also from Hard Candy. She had several dancers dressed up in her old looks - the Material Girl outfit, the bride outfit she wore on the MTV awards when she sang Like a Virgin, the cone bra, and something else - and harassed them, giving them the finger and pushing them around. It was tres fab! And speaking of fabulous, I can't even put into words the level of dancing I witnessed on the stage... Madonna, at FIFTY, blew my mind! That old broad can MOVE!!!! And her dance troupe was absolutely unbelievable... I mean, i would die to be able to dance like that!

All in all, I think it was the best concert I've ever attended! Bon Jovi at Staples Center is a very close second, but this was definitely a night to remember. Little Baby Hall is going to be a Madonna fan, no doubt...

And if she ever tours again, you better believe I'm going again... and that time I'll shell out the really big bucks for the really good seats! ;)

Mer xo

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