Friday, November 07, 2008

Open Letter to the Obamas - From Baci

Dear Obama Family,

I heard on the news last night that you're looking to add a little doggie to your family. Congratulations on your big presidential win, big move to Pennsylvania Avenue, and fine choice to spice things up with a baby canine!

May I recommend that you look into Maltipoos? We're spirited and funny, cute and cuddly, and best of all, we don't shed. Poodles are smart and hypoallergenic and Malteses are just cute and funny, so we're a fabulous combination, says my mommy! Sure, we like to dig through the dirty clothes for stinky stuff, bark at other dogs on TV, and stuff our favorite blue balls in your hands/ face/ lap for you to throw at our convenience, but I'm pretty sure that's just part of our charm.

So good luck with your doggie decision. I can't wait to find out what you choose, and wish you lots of great memories with your new pooch!

Love, Baci
(as "told to" Mer for The Mer Show)

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