Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to Work!

Well, the time was bound to come and here it is... time to return to the corporate world! Wow, I think (between you and me) that when I was saying that I was ready to get back to work and that I knew that I would eventually return to the masses of corporate drones, I wasn't *serious*! ;) I didn't really believe it would really happen when I said it, but lo and behold... I held up my end of the bargain. Wow again.

So anyway, I have landed a super cool short term contract in Austin as a contract recruiter. The company I'm working for has been retained by a major employer in Austin to provide technical sourcing services, which means that I'll be recruiting for hard-to-find technical folks from my jammies at home. I was thinking that I was going to enjoy getting back into the workplace - coffee talk in the breakroom, the smell of burnt popcorn permeating through the office, sneaking offsite for long lunches, etc. - but I am indeed glad that I get to work from home because I think it'll be a good way to ease into being a working mommy. I bet I'll particularly enjoy working from home when we get to the new house! I'm going to PIMP that office OUT (if my contract lasts that long, which I think it will if I do a good job, and I intend to do a great job) and make it super user friendly, comfortable, and stylish. Look out!

I originally thought that I would try to figure out how to balance caring for Patrick while working full time from home, but when I went to interview for this job, Sheridan tried to work from home and watch him, and got absolutely nothing done. I think it might be more realistic in the future once Patrick's more independent, but not now. But I think it's great that he'll be attending a Montessori school with lots of older kids to watch and emulate, and cultivate strong social skills. He's really good with other kids and adults, so I think he'll probably really enjoy it!

But every mommy is a control freak when it comes to their babies... so with that, I'm sure I'll find it hard that someone else is helping raise my baby boy. I find it difficult to consider that the care givers at Patrick's "school" might see him take his first steps or say his first word instead of me, but I guess I need to concentrate on the fact that when I hear him say his first word or when I see his first steps, they'll still be the first ones for ME. Right? OK yeah, let's go with that.

Anyway, many mommies before me (and millions after me will) have put their babies into child care and gone back to work. That's just how things work in this century. I think it'll be good for me too, though! I'm looking forward to getting my brain back in the corporate game and living a very full life which includes both working and being a mommy. I think it'll be great for our whole family and am excited. :D

So Monday's the big day. Wish me luck!

Love, Mer

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