Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Boy Food

Patrick had his first bites of solid food last week. We started with rice cereal and it didn't go that well - he was looking at me like "uh, what do I do with this?". I wasn't sure if he just didn't like the taste or if he was confused by the spoon. So I introduced applesauce to him and what do you know... he LOVED it! He had two jars (I made him homemade stuff, so it was about 4 tablespoons worth) of it at the first tasting!! He's also tried sweet potatoes and loved those, so next is pureed peas and then carrots. Nom nom nom!

As if the kid isn't already enormous enough, I have a feeling that eating solid foods is going to make him even bigger and stronger! Here are some shots of the food extravaganza and how big he's gotten. As you can see, he's about to outgrow his carseat, which was the mongo-sized one that's supposed to take babies to their first birthday. Oh boy!

And yesterday, Patrick had his first upright ride in the grocery store. He usually hangs out in the carseat while I shop, but given that the stupid carseat is 10 pounds and he is almost 18 or so, it's just too big to lug around these days. Genny bought Patrick one of those "cootie covers" and so he had a nice, soft place to sit in the cart. OMG, he LOVED looking at all the stuff in the store, seeing all the people, and was just talking, talking, talking all the way through the store ("ooooh, ooooooh, gooooooo"). We had FIVE people stop to coo and poke at him because he was just being so charming. I was a proud mama!!

Next project - weaning P Shizzle from the swaddle blanket when he sleeps. He escapes from the blanket at night and doesn't know how to put himself back to sleep without it - he flails his arms, rubs his eyes, and pulls out the pacifier, which he also needs to fall asleep. It's time for him to learn how to fall asleep without being bound... we'll work on the pacifier issue later. :)

That's it from Command Central.

Love, Mer


Shannon said...

Dude! He is huge!!!!! Where did my little baby boy go? Sounds like you are knee deep in the fun times...soak them up--they are amazing!

Love you.

sarah from the suburbs said...

So cute! What a fun age...I remember feeding Kate for the first time and her getting to sit upright in the shopping carts...so fun! I love those rolls he has going on! Precious! I can't believe he weighs almost 18 lbs...Kate weighs 19 1/2 and she's twice Patrick's age! craziness... :)