Sunday, July 26, 2009

Uh Buh Bye

On the last day of Sarah Palin's leadership of Alaska, let me just say... don't let the door hit ya on the ass, lady!!

What degeneration her career has experienced the last few months - on top of the world flying in private jets, shopping at Saks and buying fabulous designer clothes on the tab of Republican donors, being stroked by the old, rich, conservative contingent of the US, eventually reduced to ethics probes, public, defensive feuds with David Letterman and Levi Johnston, provoking ugly, divisive politics, and showing her true colors as an unreliable, greedy quitter. What would have happened if she had ended up as our Vice President? Would she have resigned halfway through the term, not completing her commitment to the American people, so that she could concentrate on book deals and speaking engagements?

Can you say... loose cannon?! It should be interesting to see what train wreck ole Sarah Palin creates next. I'm in the front row with popcorn.


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