Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Change of Plans

So over the last year or so, I've been an HGTV watching fool!  While I was pregnant, I watched tons of "Baby Story" and "Bringing Home Baby" on TLC, but as soon as Patrick arrived and we moved on to the house endeavour, Sheridan and I started watching a lot of "House Hunters", "My First Place", and I fell in love with the show "Color Splash".

OMG, "Color Splash"!  I DVR it and watch every single episode because the work that David Bromstad does totally inspires me.  Watching him create custom artwork for the rooms he designs is actually the reason why I decided to learn how to paint.  He is an incredible designer and is the cutest gay guy that God ever created - I want to be his BFF so badly!!  I can just see us hanging out in our PJs, drinking wine and having pillow fights while talking about boys and shoes.  It would be fabulous.  :)

Anyway, there is this one show where David designed a gorgeous, eclectic, mid-century modern dining room for this family and I just love the way it turned out.  I spent a good amount of time tracking down that episode so I could see exactly what chandelier he put in there, because I remember thinking it was so chic and fun.  I finally found it yesterday and yep, I still love the chandelier.  So I sent DB a message via Twitter to see if he could tell me where he got it... and he responded!!  I was so giddy and excited - it was like I met Barack Obama, or something...

Anyway, I felt it was a sign that a colleague of my husband's sent a coupon to us this morning for 20% off at Z Gallerie... because *that's* where this chandelier can be found!  So I talked to Sheridan about it, and he has agreed to go pick it up with me this weekend.  So no more capiz shell pendant chandelier, as noted in the prior post - this is going to live in the dining room instead of that one (hence, the change of plans, as noted in the title). 

Check it out, isn't it fabulous?  It's 47" long, so it'll stretch a good amount of the table we bought and provide a lot of light and fabulousness to the room.  With the cream leather chairs, colorful rug, and painting that I'm working on, this room is going to be tres chic!  I'm super, duper, uber excited. 

Here it is in David's room.  How cute is this?  (And did you see the portrait of the dog in the room?  This also inspired me to ask my mother in law for the portrait of Baci.  I'm such a copycat!)

Love, Mer

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