Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Santa,

Well, this year I have a VERY big wish list, so I'm going to start early!!  I swear I've been a good girl - I've been fruitful and multiplied, stayed out of trouble, have tried to be a good wife, mother, daughter, and friend, and try to help people in need/ donate/ volunteer as much as I can.  Will you please take those things into consideration???

Here's my Christmas list this year.  I'm sure it'll grow... so please standby.  :)

Mer's 2009 Christmas List 

**Chairs for our dining room -
*2 of these:

**Sideboard for the office:  

**This chandelier for the dining room:

**Couch (in chocolate brown, please):

**Rug in 8X10, please:

**Oh yes, and the currently unidentified PERFECT bedroom suit; you know what that is, right?  :)  .

OK, that's it for the house... for now.  Can I also have one of these too, please?

Thanks, Santa!!!  Can't wait to hear you shimmy down our brand new chimney on Christmas Eve.


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