Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So everyone knows that I'm madly in love with my wonderful husband and can't live without him...   he's a great dad to my son, sweet and a thoughtful husband who loves me just the way I am...  but that man takes up WAY too much of the bed!   And no - he's not a bed hog (he's a cover hog); it's simply that he's IN the bed.  See, in a queen size bed, I need about 80% of the space in order to stretch out and get comfy; and that man has the *nerve* to take up about 40% of it!  ;)  The only time of night that I really get decent rest is after he's gotten up for the day and I scoot to the middle of the bed, stretch my arms and legs, cuddle all four pillows, and finally get some rest.

OK, yes, I'M the bed hog.  Blame all the years of gymnastics and cheerleading, or lugging around a 23 pound infant that can't walk yet, but I am one achy woman with a bad back that gets no sleep because I can't really get comfy.

However, that problem is about to be solved.  Aforementioned fabulous husband has bought me...  a Tempurpedic mattress!  IN KING SIZE!!!  Seriously, I love this man more and more every day. xoxoxoxo

Next Wednesday, the bed of my dreams is arriving to the brand new Hall house!  Firm and spongy, warm and enveloping, large and spacious - this bed is going to solve all my life's problems by providing me with the kind of sleep I haven't had in... well, 2 years since we commingled households.  

Last night, as I was tossing and turning because my back was killing me, jockeying for space (and covers) with Sheridan, I laid in bed and smiled... knowing that this fluffy piece of heaven would be arriving soon.  Only seven more days before I get to sleep on my new mattress in my brand new house...  yipppeeeeee!

Here she is - doesn't she look, well, dreamy?

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