Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas at Our House

A few random shots from The Mer Show household this Christmas season.  Enjoy!  

Does anyone else have beavers and fish on their Christmas tree???

How about Jack in the Box holiday balls from several years ago?  :)

Picture of my late kitty, Dylan.  Gone, but never forgotten!

Have no idea what this thing is.  (Wedding present.)

Beautiful snowflake with no picture in it.

Patrick's first stocking with his first football sticking out - pressie from his Daddy!

P's chair with a special Christmas pillow

Lotsa Christmas cards - I love 'em!

Sleeeepy puppy on the new chairs.  It's his new fave spot!

P with his new soccer ball - another early gift from Daddy.  (Doesn't everyone let their kids play at the top of the stairs?)

Could have been a cute photo of P in his Christmas outfit, but Baci's feather duster tail got in the way!

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