Monday, December 07, 2009

Latest Pics of The House

There's still a long way to go with the house, but here are a few pics of what we've done so far...

Welcome to our home!


Dining Room

Family Room (notice America's Funniest Home Videos in the background - haha!)
The green couch is being moved upstairs to the game room as soon as our new chocolate couch arrives in a couple of weeks, as well as my Granny's Chairs

Patrick's armchair in the family room...  :)

Patrick's Nursery - the other side of the room needs some work.  I ordered this to put on the wall behind his crib and have some more animal watercolors to hang behind his dresser/ changing table.

Very sad looking game room. Right now, it's our catch-all room and Patrick's play area - see his train-shaped tent that his Grandmommy gave him?

View of the great room (family/dining combo, with foyer in the background); this is all open to the kitchen, to the right.

Master Bath (love that Sheridan's toothbrush is in this photo, LOL!)

Very sad looking study - we have a long way to go with this room, but at least the desk arrived last week, so I have somewhere to work.

Even my Christmas tree needs work - I don't have anything to put on top!!  Working on that...

And our master bedroom literally is a giant space with a giant bed in it (we *love* the kind size Tempurpedic, by the way...) and a giant dog crate.  It's the least romantic bedroom EVER.  No bedding, no pictures, no design!!  HOWEVER, it is a lovely blank slate and after our tax return comes next year, it's getting pimped out.  :)  Any design suggestions are welcome!!!

Love, Mer

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