Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Debate on Climate Change

I was reading an article today on the banter going on between The Governator and Sarah Palin (both whom I think totally suck, but that's beside my point) - those two are going at it on the subject of climate change. This, along with all the comments I've heard lately about "look how cold it is this winter - so much for global warming, what a crock"... have gotten me thinking about the topic. I am certainly no expert; I haven't done a ton of research on climate change, and believe it or not, I haven't even seen "An Inconvenient Truth" (although I'm interested in seeing it); however, I have a couple of thoughts on the matter.

It's true that icecaps are melting, polar bears are dying, and all that sad stuff... but what's causing it? Obviously, it's tremendously difficult to track down data that definitely determines whether or not the trends that we're seeing are caused by man. HOWEVER, what is so *horrible* about efforts to reduce pollution and toxins from being produced and released into our air, water supplies, and earth, protecting our natural resources, recycling, and living cleaner lifestyles? I honestly don't understand why people are so opposed to protecting our environment, *regardless* of whether global warming is tangible. Is it really so horrible to put controls into place for greedy corporations who would love to dump their manufacturing waste in rivers because it's cheaper than disposing of it responsibly or private citizens who don't care that their 1984 Buick Skylark is pumping toxic fumes into the air we breathe? What could that possibly hurt? Seriously.

So your taxes go up a bit to help with this effort? GET OVER IT. We live in the best place on earth - America - and everyone has to do our part to keep things going. I mean, I would love to receive 100% of the gross pay my employer pays me, but that just ain't the way it works, and worrying about taxes is pointless, because it is the way it is. Life is way too short about thinking that you're contributing to society TOO much... Really.

So whether or not you think that leaving all your lights on in the house all day, every day is killing polar bears, what could it hurt to turn them off, use florescent bulbs, dispose of your batteries and electronics responsibly, and buy recycled products (or whatever else you do to reduce your carbon footprint)?

Love, Mer

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