Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Love Me Some Mary Lou!!

So I was watching the Today Show this morning getting dressed (one of many rituals I can't live without) and on came a GNC commercial with Mary Lou Retton!! OMG, this was my absolute childhood IDOL! I got just as giddy and excited seeing her on TV today as I did back in 1984, when I watched her win the gymnastics all-around gold medal at the LA Olympic Games.

My parents taped the gymnastics events for me that year, as I was 8 years old and just about to start my "career" as a competitive gymnast. Girls aren't allowed to compete until they're 9 years old, so I was foaming at the mouth, ready to put on my competition leotard! Anyway, I must have watched that tape 100000000 times. I can still remember the music that was playing when Mary Lou performed her balance beam routine - Eye of the Tiger. And my mom bought me the exact leotard that you see in the picture above, with the stars and stripes - I felt like a superstar every time I wore it to gym practice!!

Anyway, it's unusual that I have a moment that takes me back to my childhood, yet elicits a warm memory, so I wanted to share that with you this morning.

Happy Wednesday! Love, Mer

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