Friday, August 10, 2007

Bye Blue Oasis Technologies

So today is my last day with Blue Oasis Technologies - the business is taking a new direction, and my services are no longer needed. I'm taking this chance to take some time off and live off my severance and unemployment benefits to regroup and pursue some personal things that I've been meaning to deal with, get my baby puppy better trained, work on sculpting those perfect legs I've been dreaming about my whole life, and take a couple of planned trips to see my peeps out of state. It should be a nice break!

I'm not sure how this will affect my blog-writing, as most of it is done right here in my office, inspired by the active mind of a busy professional. Now that I'm temporarily no longer a busy professional, will I still be inspired to write? I'll guess we'll see!

There are several things that I'll miss about working here.

1. The Sorrento Food Court downstairs. When I first started working here, I was taking the train to work every day because my Jetta was still in North Carolina (long story) and I had to walk anywhere and everywhere to get what I needed. Thankfully, right below my building is an entire food court of restaurants from Afghan, vegetarian, pizza, Indian, Mexican, Greek food and more, which kept me nourished daily. I'll especially miss the old lady that runs the Greek place that asks if I want "Frenchy fries" with my chicken kebob - she's so cute!

2. My spacious office with all the privacy, storage, and room a girl could ever want. I've written hundreds of blog posts here, made thousands of phone calls, pondered the meaning of life, taken a couple of naps, had a few good cries, lots of laughs, and done a few things in here I can't discuss in a public forum. :)

3. Orchid Nails - another business in the shopping center below my work. They give the best spa pedicures on the planet, and I know I won't drive all the way up here just to get one in the future, so I think I'm going at lunch for one last pedi! This is my hideout when the office got too stressful - downstairs and right into the massage chair.

4. All the nice people I've met up here in Sorrento Valley - from Qualcomm, Claritas, Compuware, Websense, and more. It's made working in an office with 3 people much more enjoyable!

Things I won't miss:

1. The Tejano music coming from the car wash below my office wafting into my ears all day every day.

2. The fighter jets from MCAS Miramar flying about 50 feet over my building every day, scaring me to death!

3. The women from our business neighbors' office on my floor talking to me in the bathroom as I'm trying to do my business. Yes, I'm ordinarily very friendly, but not while sitting on the toilet!

4. The 805! Need I say more? Even if I find a new job in Sorrento Valley, I look forward to a small break from the traffic madness. Hallelujah!

Well, Blue Oasis Technologies, vaya con Dios and thanks for everything.

Love, Mer

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