Thursday, August 16, 2007

Congrats Baci!

Congrats to my funny, sweet Baci ball, who graduated from his training class this past Tuesday. Coincidentally, it was also his 6 month birthday, so it was a big day for the little guy. My puppy has become a man, it seems! To celebrate with his buddies in school, he brought doggie donut holes covered in yogurt frosting and sprinkles, and passed them out to the class. That Baci sure is thoughtful to include his buddies!! ;)

For the last 8 weeks, he and I have been attending a great training class at Metropawlitan Dog in East Village (highly recommended to San Diego locals!!) and we have both been learning so much. He's learned how to sit, lay down, stay, drop things from his mouth, back away from trouble, stop at the curbs before crossing the street, and all sorts of other invaluable things. I've learned how to use meat flavored treats to coerce my dog into doing what I want him to do! Realistically, I was the one that needed to be trained, not the furball...

Honestly, so much of how we train dogs seems so similar to how a baby might be taught to behave - I have to keep this stuff in mind! I wonder if boyfriends can be trained the same way, but instead of meat-flavored treats, perhaps sugary ones... what do you think? Kidding! (Sort of...) See the baby with his party hat on to celebrate his birthday and his graduation - isn't he the cutest?

More postings on the way - it's been a hectic week, but I'm starting to feel inspired to write again. Stay tuned (Ruchi)!

Love, Mer xx

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