Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Public Service Announcement

This is a very important announcement! Please take note!!

Don't forget - Monday is Labor Day. Do you know what that means? Besides having the day off, sleeping in, pool and beach time, and barbecuing with our friends and families... it also means that ladies are no longer permitted to wear white! Tradition says that any white is off limits, but I just put away the white pants, shorts, sundresses, suits, totebag, sunglasses and shoes until Memorial Day. I personally think white blouses and tops are fine year round, though. And winter white? Totally different story - if you want direction regarding this rule, feel free to contact me for advice! ;)

So ladies, don't forget - wear your white clothes this week and weekend while you can (without etiquette-obsessed Southern Belles snickering at you)!

Just wanted to post that friendly reminder...

Love, Mer

p.s. The curse is broken - I saw the Padres win Monday night!!!

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