Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Several Things

Check out my horoscope today:

Everyone's got an opinion (or two or three) about what you should do next, but only you know what's best. Ignore everybody's input (which you didn't ask for anyway) and connect with yourself as you revamp your game plan.

What do you think that means? I'm definitely in the process of revamping my life plan, and have been getting LOTS of input. Maybe that's the cosmos' way of telling me that I just need to feel good about my decisions moving forward and trust only my gut. We'll see how that goes!

OH, did I tell you we ran into Barack Obama in the lobby of TheHotel at Mandalay Bay this weekend? The tarts with me were too self absorbed to notice him (some didn't even recognize his name when I pointed him out), but I sure did! He was tall, slender, and very regal in person... very handsome! I wanted to go up and say something, but I was in a pink wife beater that said "being naughty" on it, so I decided I wasn't appropriately dressed (we all wore matching ones and the bride's said "tying the knot" - not my idea, by the way)...

And last, but definitely not LEAST, I forgot to mention before I left for Vegas that Mr. Finley Joseph Darby is... WALKING, people!!! How exciting is this? My little pookie bear is mobile! And check out one of the first pics of the little tyke motoring about Chez Darby... I love him!

Anyway, have a good day! Love, Mer

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