Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well, it was definitely a great weekend, per normal when Lauren comes to town! We must be finally growing up (a little) because we really weren't that bad... No one got ridiculously ill, in trouble, fought with their boyfriends, or did anything they forgot about the next day! (We think...) :)

Friday night we went for a big, fat dinner at Indigo Grill, complete with our favorite shrimp tamale appetizer, encrusted brie, and tons of red wine. Believe it or not, we were in bed by MIDNIGHT!!!! Wow. We got up early the next day and lunched at our other fave restaurant in Little Italy, Buon Appetito. Kati joined us and we ended up having a great amount of food and a few bottles of wine. (And one hilarious digital camera-related incident that must remain undisclosed indefinitely...)

After the lunchtime feast, we made a group trip to Rite Aid and decided it would be a great "beauty shop" day - Lauren and Kerry wanted to dye their hair, and I decided I wanted to, as well. The only other time I've ever tried to dye my hair was in March 2005 when I stayed with Shannon and Petri for a couple of weeks and Shannon and I tried to dye my hair a dark auburn. When we pulled the towel off, it was.... dark brown with a few grays, just like before!!

Well, this time, the color took, because Kerry is a professional with the hair dye! Thanks, Ker, for being my beautician this weekend! So now my hair is just a shade lighter than black and all the grays have washed away (not that there were THAT many...)! Don't tell anyone, but all three of dyed our hair the exact same color, so we're pretty much the Bobsie triplets now!

St. Patty's night, we met up with the boys (Mike (Nat's BF) and his friend Chris, Kiev (Ker's BF) and his friend Jason) at Ibizu, a cute sushi place in Hillcrest, and stumbled over a couple hours later to Nunu's - my fave dive bar in San Diego. I was pretty proud of us for having closed it down at 2:00 a.m.

Of course, we taxied over to La Posta and ordered some Crazy Chips, and headed home for a late night pig-out session. Sunday - hangovers on the couch and Miss Cilman had to ree kee kee all the way home.

Next POS trip - Napa Valley in May!! Can't wait, ladies - I can't imagine more fun people to do Napa with than you...

Love you girls more than I love crazy chips and having no gray hairs combined,


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Anonymous said...

Hello! I am an old friend of Lauren's and I googled her name and found your blog! Would you be able to pass my email address to her? I have an old one for her and it's not good anymore. If you would, just let her know Melissa Hansen from C&H would like her to get in touch with her. My email is: thestuffasylum@yahoo.com or she can get me on my space at: www.myspace.com/bodypaintingasylum