Monday, March 26, 2007

Bachelorette Hell

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was... interesting. As you know from my prior post, I attended a bachelorette party in Vegas. I did lots of fun things, like pool time at Mandalay Bay, spa time at Spa Mandalay, club time, and lots and lots of champagne, but the guest list included a bunch of girls that are sort of my secondary group of friends. In the end, I figured out that about 85% of them are totally narcissistic, substance abusing, crazy bitches - including the bride. Especially Bridezilla, in fact!! So in the end, I uninvited myself from the wedding and have decided that I'm going to stop hanging out with the "B Team", as I have always called them.


Negative stuff - sharing a room with girls who smoke and selfishly took over the entire room, including the beds and bathrooms; dealing with Bridezilla and her defensive groom; spent WAY too much money on a bitch that I'll never talk to again; losing my voice from screaming at the clubs and inhaling smoke all weekend; getting no sleep and paying for it today

Positive stuff - pool time at Mandalay Bay was fun; I won some money at the craps tables with some money that a stranger gave me; I got to check out Tao nightclub which was SUPER cool; went to Drai's which is my fave club in Vegas, spent some fun time with Patricia and Elaina whom I adore; and met some nice people throughout the weekend in Vegas; I get to keep the cool present I bought the bride and groom and I don't have to spend any more money on their wedding! :)

Interesting anecdote - When I got to Vegas, I looked in my tote bag, and my entire makeup case as well as my jewelry pouch was MISSING! GASP!!! I was sooooooooooo upset, but had a long weekend ahead of me, and tried not to let it ruin my weekend. I thought I had lost it along the way, perhaps at the airport or in the plane, and backtracked all the lost and founds along the way - nothing. When I got home last night, I scoured my room - nothing. Then what do you know? When I got to my desk this morning... it was sitting right here! Yippee! That was a close one. Thanks, makeup and jewelry angels, for looking out for me!

And to all my friends and subscribers out there - have a great week! Mer's lesson for the week - don't waste your time on people that don't truly matter in your life. It's simply too short!

Love, Meredith

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