Monday, April 02, 2007

Did You Know?

Do you know what a buckeye is? Given that The Ohio State University Buckeyes recently competed for the national championship in football, and are doing so again tonight in basketball, I recently made an inquiry with a bonafide Ohioan. Or is it Ohioite? Or Ohioman? Whatever. We'll call him a Buckeye fan.

So a buckeye is actually a nut-like seed of a particular tree that resides in Ohio. And apparently it's POISONOUS! Scarily, KT went to Columbus for the Michigan/ OSU game in November and brought me back a chocolate covered buckeye... Was he trying to off me?? I guess I have a stronger stomach than I thought, because I'm still kicking and screaming (much to his chagrin, sometimes, I'm sure)!

Who do I think is going to win the big game tonight? For some reason, I'm thinking Florida. Sorry Club Felspar - I know you guys are rooting for OSU, but I'm just feeling Orange and Blue. Plus, I'm still pissed that OSU blew out my Horns in football last year! So I guess we'll see in a few hours...

Love, Mer

(4/3/07 - I love it when I'm right! MM)

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