Friday, April 20, 2007

Earth Day - Sunday, April 22nd

Hey guys! So Earth Day is on Sunday, and all over the U.S. there will be celebrations and festivals with the purpose of bringing awareness to the conservation and preservation of Earth's natural resources. Obviously, global warming, the damage of the ozone, and many other environmental factors have been degrading the earth and environment, threatening the health of people, animals, plants, and all living beings. If everyone can make small changes in our habits, maybe we can help slow the damage to our Earth and remain healthy and safe for generations to come.!

I hope to see all my San Diego pals at Balboa Park on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Earth Day, learn more about what I can do to help protect and heal our environment, and check out all the exhibitions. Should be fun if it's not 58 degrees and raining, like today!! But anyway...

What can we do to help preserve the Earth?
  • Recycle your plastic bottles and grocery bags, aluminum cans, newspapers, and glass bottles; or at least find a second use for them in place of something else (using grocery bags for dog poop bags, newspapers for moving and wrapping valuables, etc.); just DON'T throw them out!
  • Buy recycled products - particularly paper products
  • Set up a paperless office - use email and electronic storage
  • Use conservation with driving - run errands at the same time, and in planned sequence to use less gas and preserve fossil fuels and emissions
  • Opt for paperless billing for your accounts and eliminate paper bills
  • Plant a tree - CO2 that plants emit absorbs fossil fuel emissions
  • Turn off water and electricity when you're not using it (water off when you're brushing or in between rinses when washing your car or dog; use the off switch on your electronics)
  • Encourage others to be Earth friendly! :)

Think what a difference we could make it everyone made these small changes? I hope you'll consider and implement some of them to do your part!

Have a great weekend. Love, Mer

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