Thursday, April 12, 2007

Puppy Announcement - Meet Baci!

Everyone, I would like to introduce the newest member of my family!!! Baci (Italian for 'kisses', pronounced 'boch-ee') is a 3 month old Maltipoo puppy that I have adopted. His father is a Maltese and his mother is a Poodle. Not sure how that worked out logistically, but who cares - he's soooooooooooo cute!

Baci is pretty mellow and loves to cuddle, but also loves to play with other doggies and his chew toys. Right now his favorite toys seem to be my shoes WHILE on my feet, so we're going to have to put an end to that! ;) But he has been a very, very good boy since I got him, has already figured out that he's only allowed to peepee outside or on his puppy pad in the bathroom, has figured out how to walk on a leash, and discovered the full-length mirror this morning (that was pure entertainment!).

I'm sure I'll have more intriguing stories about my little Baci ball soon. Meanwhile, please help me welcome the newest character on the cast of The Mer Show!

Love, Mer

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