Monday, April 23, 2007

Doggie Update

Hi guys! Just wanted to give an update on the doggies in my life. My little Baci ball is doing great. He hurt his little foot last week jumping up on a stranger to say hello - he slipped and fell backward and has been limping since last Tuesday. But he's starting to walk, run, and operate like a normal, hyper puppy again. He got spoiled by sleeping in the bed with me two nights in a row, but was a total brat this morning when I tried to leave for work, so it's back to the crate tonight!! Poor baby! ;)

Peepers got a haircut this weekend and it got... well, botched. They shaved her body and legs (Nat requested a 1/2 inch trim!) and she looks like a totally different animal! So in an attempt to dress her up and distract from the horrendous haircut she got this weekend, we dressed her up in her new fuzzy white hoodie sweater, and gave her some pink bangs. What do you think?

Love, Mer

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