Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day at the Races

So for those of you that don’t know, I’m joining the San Diego Junior League this year. It’s a philanthropic group for women which allows members to get involved in the community through volunteer work, raising money for non-profit organizations, and training in various areas of self-development such as leadership, public relations, event planning, advocacy, finance, community research, and more. I’m looking forward to getting started soon, but meanwhile, I just attended my first league function yesterday – the annual JL Day at the Races (at the Del Mar racetrack, open during summertime every year).

I had a fabulous time – I met a lot of great like-minded women, had some lovely food and lots of champagne, donned my snazziest race day outfit, (complete with the fabulous hat and matching shoes), and actually did quite well betting on horses. My highly scientific method of choosing horses based upon their names, and whether or not it had a personal relation to me (Redneck Girl won the first race and I chose her to win!), seemed to work. I think, in the end, I just about broke even with the betting, but I did have a lovely day with the ladies at the racetrack. I was actually pretty lucky the whole day – I even won a prize in the raffle (stationery – my favorite)! The party was held at a restaurant on the club level of the Turf Club, so it was fun to see the races from a higher vantage point than the grandstand.

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates on new endeavours with the Junior League. It should be fun!

Love, Mer

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