Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mmmmmmmm, Pizza

OK, so Domino's Pizza just did some sort of survey regarding the predictability of relationship success based upon pizza preferences. This is, no doubt, a marketing ploy, but I'll bite (hehe). Yes, apparently, “Pizza-eaters’ favorite toppings show a correlation to their behavior,” says Alan Hirsch, M.D., lead researcher and director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. So read below to see what certain toppings say about you, your potential love interest, and your future together.

The last pizza I ordered (earlier this week) was a thin crust, mushroom pizza (one veggie topping), which says that I'm a mellow relationship person; we all know that isn't true! HA! Honestly, I was just trying to be somewhat healthy, and had a coupon for a one topping pizza. If I had my way, I'd always order a pepperoni and pineapple, which describes me and my relationship style a little closer - passionate!

If your date orders one meat topping…

People who order just pepperoni or sausage on their pie are generally irritable, prone to procrastination, and they often “forget” obligations (like that weekend getaway he or she promised to take with you in the spring).

Compatible with: others who prefer one meat topping

If your date orders multiple meat toppings…

Real meat lovers who pile on the pepperoni, sausage, and ham tend to be dramatic, seductive, sweep-you-off-your-feet extroverts who thrive as the center of attention.

Compatible with: people who prefer one meat topping

If your date orders one veggie topping…

Those who prefer one vegetable topping are empathetic, easygoing romantics.

Compatible with: everybody!

If your date orders multiple veggies…

These dates are trustworthy, loyal, humble, and avoid the spotlight. In fact, they’re so quiet and conflict-averse they tend to be taken for granted in relationships.

Compatible with: people who prefer non-traditional toppings

If your date orders non-traditional toppings…

People who prefer offbeat options like pineapple or extra onions tend to be aggressive, ambitious, and competitive. In other words: Don’t expect a mellow relationship.

Compatible with: others who prefer non-traditional toppings

Very interesting, no? Perhaps that should be a standard question that everyone should ask while dating - "what kind of pizza do you typically order". Perhaps the divorce rate could be lowered with this earthshaking research! Or not...

Carry on! Mer

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