Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anna's Getting HITCHED!

On November 5, 2006, one of my dear friends, Anna Boone Wood, is getting married to a lovely man, Daniel Schrall, in Columbia, South Carolina. Anna, who used to work in the “hot beef unit” at North Carolina State University (she was an animal science student and Nancy Grotstein and I lovingly dubbed the Beef Educational Unit as such) and serve moonshine at her house parties, is becoming the wife of a seminary student and a future preacher’s wife! Who would have thought?! But for a girl who has gone through so much hardship and challenge in her adult life, I’m so glad she’s found someone that provides her with the love, support, and lifestyle that makes her happy and seems to be healing her heart and soul more every day.

To Anna and Daniel, may you have a long life together, filled with blessings and beautiful surprises. Congratulations!!

Love, Meredith

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Anna! That is awesome!
Shannon, Petri, and Finn