Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dancing With the Stars

So this past year’s New Year’s resolution was to watch more television. Yes, I know that sounds odd, and perhaps this year’s will be to read more, or something more productive. But last year I was trying to settle my 30 year old ass down and quit going out so often, spending so much cash on cocktails and food, and perhaps let my body rest for a change… And BOY DID I ACCOMPLISH THAT!

And of my fave new shows that keeps my booty glued to the couch every Tuesday is Dancing With The Stars. LOVE IT!

So last night was the semi finals and we are now down to two contestants – Emmitt Smith and Mario Lopez. Dallas Cowboys football star with surprising finesse or a handsome Latin hunk that knows how to shake his bon bon. Hmmm… almost as delicious as a caramel skinned, shaved headed Egyptian with a smile that makes the ladies weak in the knees! Almost…

Anyway, I digress. Who’s it going to be? Emmitt or Mario? Mario is clearly the more talented dancer, but he has this quality about you that reminds you of an old boyfriend you rather forget… you know, like someone that you just know is going to end up pissing you off, but is so cute, it was worth it. And Emmitt – he isn’t as talented of a dancer, but he’s so debonair and endearingly entertaining. He just has a very elegant ease about his performing. Perhaps that’s from years of performing on the field at Texas Stadium. (Sidenote - did you know I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader when I grew up?)

Anyway, stay tuned for the update on the winner next Thursday!! I know you’re on the edge of your seat, right?


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