Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Mer Thanksgiving Show

Well, it's finally begun to turn to Fall - today is a high of 65, which is nice given that it was 80 yesterday. I love it when the seasons change - I finally feel like it's time for the holidays!

And with that, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYBODY!!! I hope you have a fantastic holiday filled with lots of food, love, and great memories.

I am spending Thanksgiving with Steve's family this year, but we're celebrating on Friday, due to some scheduling conflicts with his sister, who is hosting the festivities up in Orange County. It should be very fun! I know that his mom was planning to serve rack of lamb, which I don't eat (I don't eat cute animals - we'll discuss that later), but since she found out that I don't eat it, it should be interesting to see what is prepared! Speaking of rack, I bought a cute but conservative short sleeve turtleneck for the occasion, so mine doesn't offend the conservative faction of the Zied family. I hope I pull off "the girl you take home to mom" look!

Meanwhile, Steve and I are staying home on Thursday and having a friend over to join us for food and football (and for me - lots of wine). I've put together quite a little feast for us:

Pampered Chef's Turkey Cranberry Wreath (appetizer to keep the boys out of the kitchen)
Parmesan Turkey Cutlets
Green Bean Casserole
Pine Nut Rice
Sweet Potato Souffle (the famous holiday dish!)
Sauteed Squash
Dinner Rolls
And I've put Steve in charge of dessert, so that should be an interesting surprise!

Anyway, I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday! Love, Mer

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