Monday, November 27, 2006

Review: Dixie Chicks, Taking The Long Way

Wow, what a CD. But then again, why wouldn't I identify with three strong, outspoken, environmentally conscious, politically rebellious, well-dressed girls from Texas? :) LOVE THEM! Can't wait to see 'Shut Up and Sing' - the documentary about the Chick's accidental catapulsion into the political limelight, due to Natalie Maine's negative remarks about sharing their home state with our president. Gotta love the First Amendment...

Anyway, the CD is great. Lyrics are thought-provoking, music is beautiful, and I believe these ladies just get better with age. I think if I ever met those girls, they and I would be BFF.

Kerry, let's pick a song for our next Karaoke adventure from this disc! I'm thinking 'Lubbock or Leave It'... It's about a girl that left Texas in search of something bigger. My theme song, perhaps?

Anyway, check it out! Love, Mer

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