Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Research Bill

This really, really upsets me.

Embryonic stem cell research offers the promise to cure many ailments and diseases such as spinal cord injuries, Diabetes, Parkinsons Disease, and Alzheimers Disease, which have killed many Americans because of a lack of cure. Stem cells are a special source of cell that has the ability to grow into tissue; it obtained in many different ways. They can be created in a lab, from human tissue like umbilical cords, or from discarded embryos (discarded embryos are the source of embryonic stem cells). Embryonic stem cells are actually the ones being contested here - they can only be obtained from discarded embryos that have been outside the body for about 3 days (through abortions and miscarriages). The reason these are the most useful types of cells is because they are unlimited types of cells that can develop into ANY type of cell or the tissue in the body; it's like Type O blood, it's universally helpful. You can see how this could be helpful in regeneration of cells and potentially curing cell-based ailments.

I understand that the underlying current regarding stem cell research is the hot button of abortion - opponents of the stem cell research bill want to make sure that approving bills such as this one doesn't promote the destruction of human life, tissues, and embryos. They believe that legalizing embryonic stem cell research will promote abortions. Do they think that women and girls are going to recklessly impregnate themselves and have abortions in the name of science? This line of thinking is similar to teaching abstinence in sex ed instead of responsible sexual health practices - as a result, Texas has the highest rate of teen pregnancies that it's had in decades! It's ridiculous.

Bush and his supporters are trying to force their ideology, morals, and politics on this country, rather than consider the welfare of our health and loved ones. They don't want to allow the deliberate destruction of human embryos or "allow the nation to cross this moral line" of using human tissue for research. But this is a scientific and medical issue, NOT a moral one! I mean, come on, supporters of stem cell research include AARP, the American Medical Association and the American Diabetes Association - it's not like it's even Planned Parenthood or NARAL leading the research efforts!

And do these research opponents have no hearts? Have they never had a sick loved one, whom they would do ANYTHING to help? I do and I would, and it really makes me sick that politicians (one, in particular) are being SO selfish.


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