Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Review and New Song on Repeat in the CD Player

I'm not feeling very communicative today, because I've had a supremely annoying 24 hours. Again. However, I just wanted to share that the new Maroon 5 CD, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, totally rocks - very melodically pleasing and lyrics that someone actually used his brain to create. I dig it and recommend that you check it out! I think some people might consider this 'chick music', but I don't care - I like it! I am a chick, after all...

Meanwhile, Makes Me Wonder is a song off the disc that is currently living in my car's CD player on RPT. It raises a good point - can one really even take a relationship seriously if you have cheated or contemplated cheating? Shouldn't a healthy, functional romantic relationship inspire monogamy? Does a wandering eye while dating someone constitute cheating if you don't physically cheat; does the emotional betrayal of checking out other people count? And what's the point of wasting your time in a relationship that's not healthy and functional? Security, perhaps? Having cake and eating it, too?

I'm just thinking out loud. Enough of that - check out the video!

Love, Mer

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