Monday, June 11, 2007

The Housewife Is BACK!

Who says you need a husband to be housewifey? (Yes, I just turned that noun into an adjective...) So those of you from my North Carolina days know a very different version of Mer than my friends out here in California. You missed the cookie exchange parties at the holidays, the over-the-top law school graduation barbecue, the Thanksgiving feast I served for the entire family (complete with Noritake china, beautiful fabric linens, and a much-talked-about pork tenderloin), the Pampered Chef parties, and all my culinary/ hosting adventures. Even though I worked full-time, I was the housewife extraordinaire (minus the perfect marriage, so I guess things are about the same now!).

Then I moved to California and became too cool for school. Well guess what - the housewife is back, and I didn't even have to get married! I have decided that in an effort to get this horrible financial monkey off my back, and to use my free time and energy for something I really love (FOOD!), I am going to become a Pampered Chef consultant. What is that, you ask?

Well, Pampered Chef is an AWESOME brand of culinary products, recipes, tools. Becoming a consultant means that you can buy these products through me, host Pampered Chef parties at your house, which nets you great free gifts and rewards on products for yourself, and basically, it'll allow me to help consult you on all things culinary - how to, what you need to do it, and where to get the tools/ ingredients/ recipes you need. It's a great way to register when you get married, get great gifts for your friends and family at the holidays, and more. Take a look at their website - they have AWESOME stuff! But don't buy anything yet - pretty soon my website will be up and running if you want to order products from me, and I'll probably host a show at my house sometime in July.

So stay tuned on this very exciting new endeavour for The Mer Show! If you have questions or suggestions on how to get my "business" off the ground, email me. Meanwhile, I'll let everyone know when I'm up and running.

Oh yeah, the housewife is back! Love, Mer xx


Anonymous said...

Dinner better be ready when I get home and the house better be clean!And pizza is not dinner.

Meredith said...

Hey, I thought I divorced you! ;)