Friday, June 29, 2007

Music, by Mer

So most of you know that I really love music. I think I may have even become a bit of an elitist when it comes to music – I like what I like, and hate everything else. They say people get more opinionated as they get older, and I think that’s making itself apparent in my case.

Growing up in a family with super strict parents and a gay brother, music was bound to be a huge part of my life. Actually, my mother played the flute growing up and MADE my brother and me take part in band during middle school so that we would know how to read music – it was one of the things that she absolutely wanted for us. That was relatively painless enough, so we both obliged. (Plus, being a cheerleader that played the dorky clarinet broke all kinds of social expectations, and I loved that!)

Anyway, my strict parents didn’t let me leave the house very often, because most of my childhood I was grounded for various things – cursing, talking back, breaking rules of all sorts… So really, my refuge was my room, and the only thing to do was read or listen to music. I chose the latter. Music was practically my imaginary friend growing up! And because my brother was also perpetually grounded, I listened to the music which blared from his room across the hall… Mostly stuff like New Order, Erasure, Yaz, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Souxie and Banshees... You get the genre… 80s electronic dance music (which I used to very politically incorrectly call ‘gay music’)! :)

Anyway, it’s pretty much mandatory, being from Texas, that I like country music, and I do. I like hip hop, but only in the car. I listen to pop, jazz, lounge, and classical at work, and if I’m out and about, it’s gotta be house music/ techno beats. House music is something I’ve developed a taste for since I got to SD, and it’s totally under my skin – I love it because it totally energizes me and it's the only music that inspires me to dance, very much like the stuff that I used to listen to coming from my brother’s room. It’s definitely not as popular with the mainstream, because radios don’t play it, and there are no videos, but perhaps that’s part of the mystique for me.

So I was reading the news today, and apparently in Boston a couple of days ago, Paul Oakenfold (a famous techno/ trance DJ) paired up with the Boston Orchestra to perform a show together. Oakenfold mixed samples and drum tracks scratched on a turntable, and played a synthesizer while the orchestra played. I can imagine that was really amazing and unique mix of sounds, I would have LOVED to have been there!!! I’m sure there were mixed reviews, though… Can you imagine the Boston elite showing up for their regular night of well-heeled hob nobbing and experiencing techno beats (potentially for the first time)? What culture shock!

Anyway, that reminds me... here in San Diego the Summer Pops Series in Embarcadero Park on San Diego has started. Actually, this weekend is the Star Spangled Pops, or a collection of American marches and such; I bet it’ll be really fun. If you haven’t checked it out, I totally recommend that you do so – it’s a great experience! I always buy the lawn seats, sneak in a bottle of wine, bring some blankets and good company, and enjoy the symphony picnic style. It’s awesome! You can find out more about it here:

K, I'm done with that topic for now. Ciao! Mer

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