Thursday, May 24, 2007

Master Cleanse, Day Two

So on day two, I woke up after a good night’s sleep feeling great. No headache, backache, hangover :), or desire to eat. I downed that horrible salt flush (I only drink half the solution, because otherwise, I’d throw it up; I need to work up to drinking the whole thing, though) and got things "moving" for the day. I had some yummy organic herbal peppermint tea for breakfast, and it was really yummy! As soon as I got in the car, I started drinking the lemonade, and haven’t really stopped. I think that one day, I might either try fresh limes to shake things up, or maybe put a serving or two in the freezer to make a little slushy – that should be nice to have some TEXTURE in my mouth! But otherwise, I feel very good – more energetic than yesterday and not hungry.

I guess the part that’s surprised me the most with this program is that the hardest part is the change in routine, not the physical effects of the diet. What I mean is that it’s weird not getting my day started with a coffee and banana nut bread slice from Starbucks; leaving my office for a bit to relax in the food court during lunch; or having a glass of wine when I get home from work! The amount of time and effort I dedicate to eating and drinking is really frightening, and I found that out very, very quickly.

Last night I was at Trader Joe’s (to buy maple syrup) and wanted to treat myself – my first reaction was to buy myself a snack or a good bottle of wine… and it dawned on me that there are other ways to treat myself! I can treat myself with fresh flowers, some new hand lotion, a good book, or all kinds of things! I guess it’s just my natural inclination to treat myself with food… So I guess this whole process will change my relationship with food, at least for a while… I’m pretty jazzed about that!

Alright. Signing out for the day. Oh quick anecdote...

This morning I was watching the Today Show getting dressed. Bushy was speaking from the rose garden in regard to the poor U.S. soldier fished out of the Tigris River this morning after being ambushed and dumped there. He was talking about a new direction and gameplan he has in mind, and was asked by the press corps if it was his "Plan B", and he noted that since he's acting on guidance from James Baker and Lee Hamilton (an Iraq study group), it should be called "Plan BH"... Are you kidding me? He's making jokes about this messy, divisive war on national television at the breakfast hour? Ay yi yi... Is it 2008 yet??!!

Anyway, have a great day! Love, Mer

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