Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Update

Made it to Day SEVEN, people!

Wow, what a journey it’s been to get through this master cleanse. I can’t believe I’m on Day Seven of the process… Some days have been better than others, I have to admit. And I also have to admit that I cheated just a little, bitty bit. Saturday I had a glass of wine with Suzie, who was in town for a wedding – we had a great glass of wine on the patio of Tower 23, overlooking the ocean and watching the beachgoers walking by. It was the best glass of wine EVER, but I paid the price with a pretty bad headache… And Sunday I had two beers at Prasad’s BARBECUE (read: torture party) to distract myself from the grilled cheeseburgers, homemade hummus and tabouleh, brownies, cookies… ok, I have to stop talking about that now.

In addition to seeing Suzie and attending Prasad’s BBQ, I took Baci went to Dog Beach and the dog park for the first time – he was so totally adorable. He’s so white and furry and left both places totally coated in mud/ dirt. He has no idea that he’s a foofoo designer dog… which is kind of cute.

Right now I’m having some herbal decaf passion tea; the diet says we can have herbal decaf mint tea, so I might be cheating a little bit, but I think I’m probably ok… It’s SO GOOD, though! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Everything smells so good right now, I can only imagine that when I’m able to indulge again, food is going to taste unbelievably good.

On a hideously low note, my divorce finances have finally completely screwed me. I have gotten sued and my wages are being garnished for every penny of discretionary income I have. And this is just for ONE loan! Pretty soon you’re going to find me living in a cardboard box at the corner of Loser Street and Crap Avenue. Thanks Jason. You rock!

Sheesh, I may need to stay on this fast long term so I can afford to eat!!! Ai yi yi... Mer

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